Reviews about Brulafine

  • Petra
    Thank you to the manufacturer brulafine for the slim figure. After the instruction, two capsules per day for a month. 22 kg weight! Now, no fat folds on the abdomen and the hands. Feet made of steel crystals, slim and beautiful. A good means of acts!
  • Petra
    Minus 14 kg in two weeks! Take the capsules, help. I want to lose weight 10 kg diets still do not comply with live in the same mode. After the first week of taking it brulafine notice that you snack less, feel a lot better! As if the wings are grown, or opened the second breath. Also think of the ballet to enroll)
  • Andreas
    To drink, the woman forced these capsules every day. First of all, drinking, and believed that just by taking a pill, you can lose weight. But already on the second week, very surprised when the scales showed 8 kg less than the previous indicator!
  • Helga
    Order me and my husband. Both tend to fill. Before taking brulafine I weighed 89 kg - 110 kg in two months lost 20 kg. Diet in General remained the same, only a little appetite has decreased and there is a little, but it's become less. Ordered the other two packs, waiting for the delivery! An excellent remedy that really helps to lose weight!
  • Jürgen
    Have a lot of resources have been and tablets, syrups and even went to the gym and trying different diets. But the weight remained on the spot. Turned to a nutritionist. The doctor advised to accept brulafine every day, two tablets. For the first time in 10 kg to lose in just two weeks. Recommend help the capsules really lose weight.
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