Fast diet for weight loss

effective diet for weight loss

The so-called Tallinn Diet is perfect for rapid weight loss. However, in order to achieve the desired result, it is important to know the intricacies and some rules of this diet.

The Tallinn Diet is a rather difficult weight loss method that allows you to get rid of excess weight in a relatively short period of time. The duration is six days. During this period it is necessary to adhere to a rich drinking regime - at least 2 liters of still water per day. You can also drink teas, but only without sugar. To provide the body with the necessary elements, it is recommended to take a vitamin and mineral complex.

It is important to exclude salt, sugar, and fatty foods from your diet. It is very advisable to exercise every day, or at least to run more outdoors. You can repeat the diet every six months. During the diet, you can lose an average of 3-6 kilograms.

ImportantSince the diet is very strict, you should definitely consult your doctor if you suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Tallinn diet ration

1. Tag: 5-6 hard-boiled chicken eggs

2. Tag: 500 grams of grainy curd.

3. Tag: 700 grams of cooked white meat without skin.

4. Tag: 1 cup of cooked brown rice without salt and oil.

5. Tag: 6 potatoes cooked in their jacket.

6. Tag: green apples without borders.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Tallinn Diet

The main benefit of the Tallinn Diet is that it guarantees weight loss in a relatively short time.

One of the disadvantages is a "hungry" and restricted diet. Despite the fact that eggs, potatoes, rice, cottage cheese and meat are quite satisfactory foods, you will not be able to achieve complete satiety with their daily serving, except for a day of rice. However, unsalted porridge is unlikely to appear tasty to anyone.

Also, it is better for people with digestive problems not to experiment and not risk eating only boiled eggs during the day. Another disadvantage of this method of losing weight is an unstable result, that is, returning to a normal diet can bring back the kilograms lost and even more.

The right way out of the diet

To maintain the results obtained, it is recommended to use diet after diet. For 2-3 weeks after completing the Tallinn Diet, you need to try to eat more than modest, excluding simple carbohydrates from the diet - confectionery, flour products, sweets, alcoholic and carbonated drinks. The priority positions should be occupied by lean protein - lean meat and fish, and low-fat dairy products. You shouldn't avoid complex carbohydrates, the sources of which are grains and plant-based foods.

The Tallinn Diet is contraindicated for people with acute and chronic diseases, the elderly, adolescents, pregnant and breastfeeding women. And once again, let's remember: before resorting to this method of losing weight, it is important to seek the advice of a specialist to ensure that there are no individual contraindications.

The Tallinn Diet is extremely extreme, but very effective. So if you want to get in shape quickly, you can safely sit on it.