Exercises to remove belly and flanks

Unsightly folds of fat very hard under the clothes to hide and can therefore, by reason of this defect complex shapes a lot of girls. Zhirok, hiding the waist, is by maloaktivnogo way, wrong nutrition and age-related hormonal changes in life. Many women regard it as necessary to its character directly after birth, and their well-rounded means, such as in the Position to continue to grow in size, and after a time slip, in which your favourite dress is quite impossible.

To solve this Problem, exercises to remove belly and flanks help, home, with regular execution of your character again the old appeal. Simple complex: you can also select without visiting the gym for this 15 minutes per day. The regular practice not only helps to lose fat and reduce the circumference of the waist, strengthen the abdominal muscles, tighten the skin and strengthen the blood circulation in the internal organs.

As a big belly is dangerous to health

As is the Norm, no waist, and the presence of fat deposits in parous women. Today, such a figure is not only ugly, according to studies, such people are much more prone to cardiovascular diseases.

To determine how much a person is risking to acquire health problems can according to the following criteria:

  • The circumference of the waist;
  • Body Mass index;
  • the difference in the extent of the hips and the waist.

To determine the index of the mass of the human body, the weight in kilograms divided by the height in inches, the square. If it is a number greater than 30, obesity is diagnosed.

Female figure with a narrow waist and rounded hips, always painters and sculptors. As it turned out, the feminine forms also an indicator of the health. The greater the difference between the thigh and the waist, the lower the likelihood of developing chronic diseases of the heart. The circumference of the waist, you can determine how the human being disease-prone for the development of cardiovascular. If this number is greater than 80 cm, the risk is big!

On what does the efficiency of the training

If you want results, then you need to:

  • The right training program, you can use the help of a coach who chooses to load. If you do not often go to the gym, helps Videos.
  • Develop the lesson should help with a warm-up and sports at least 3 times a week: frequent Training to quickly lose fat in the waist and belly.
  • Combined with cardio, in the implementation of such a complex is in the burning of fat.
  • You can use fitness equipment for more efficiency.

The best exercise to lose weight belly, and to strengthen the heart muscle is of course cardio training. To the desired Tempo, you can set the frequency of the heart-machine, helps to distinguish the pulse. Cardio with moderate intensity to start, what the Tempo is gradually increased up to frequencies of 80 % of maximum heart rate.

Training should be a pleasure, if you have a burden, a weight reduction to. The right selection of music can stimulate, to exercise, improves the mood and the Tempo.

Make the right training program will help of Fitness consultant. He chooses the individual plant, depending on the condition of the body, the muscle-skeletal system, and the presence in anamnesis of chronic diseases. To burn the fat interval help-Training, fast-paced Run combined with breathing exercises. You can change the intensity of the workout, it is recommended that every 5 – 10 minutes.


According to modern data mentioned, abdominal fat, or obesity of the upper half of the torso, a very narrow line with a high cardiometabolic risk (heart attack and stroke). But first, the accurate determination of the quantities of this fat requires expensive and complex way. Therefore, waist circumference is representing a very simple and reliable alternate Marker, as this indicator correlated very well required amount of fat. If in men, the abdominal girth more than 120 cm and in women 88 cm, cardiometabolic higher risk. However, it is necessary to correctly measure. The right of the mean value from three values: the distance between the lower ribs and iliac abroad, accurate measurement in the region of the navel, and the value of the smallest waist circumference. Measure the circumference of the abdomen when exhaling, standing without shoes, the focus should be on both feet, arms hanging freely along the trunk Therefore, to measure (especially for the first time) must be a different person. The measurement should be performed three times, and the accuracy is 1 mm.

The best exercises for the belly

To perform exercises for the waist simply at home, the main thing is that you regularly, and then the effect is visible already after a month. Below we present some of the best exercises for weight loss belly, but before it is necessary to warm up. Must begin with a warm-up to warm up your muscles and prepare you for coming stress.


Training includes simple movements:

  • forearm support;
  • Mahi Feet;
  • Beat Hands;
  • Squats;
  • the slopes.

Classic Twist

The girl performs the exercise rotation

Rotation – the most effective exercise for losing belly and strengthening of the press, the regular and proper execution will contribute to the circumference of the waist and the press to strengthen. At runtime, the voltage of the straight and oblique abdominal muscles. The body receives as static and dynamic load. By holding the housing in the desired Position abdominal muscles reduced a bit, the stretched. At the same time with the abdominal muscles when you run the rotation, strengthening the back and stomach is slimming.

Error upon execution:

  • the fixation of the legs with a Partner or alone, a prisoner for the furniture — in this Position, the effect is at the bottom, the legs should licenses only on a incline bench or on a special Simulator;
  • Inconsistency of movements with the breath and the operation of the heart, so that the Elevator is always on the exhale, and lower inhalation;
  • the detachment loin from the ground — in such a Situation, the load on the spine increases to be avoided, you can;under the lower back cushion in a towel or on the flexible
  • sudden movements and turns of the hands: reduces the muscle activity of the press.

The rotation is carried out, lying on his back, legs in the knees bent so that your heels as close to the buttocks. The hands folded on the chest or behind the head. Implementation twisting turn, the case must bring the ribs to the bone, use of the pool, and not to the knees. Otherwise, in the work of the abdominal muscles, and other will be included.

During the exhalation, first you need to the chin on the chest, tearing the shoulders off the floor, then the shoulder blades, and gently bend the spine. The legs are not allowed to participate. During the Inhalation you will need to repeat this exercise with the accuracy up to the contrary. Beginners guide rotation for 2-3 sets of 10 times.

The man leading the exercise in Reverse Twist

Alternatives To Situps

  • With the rotation of the housing during the rotation of the right shoulder to the left-hand side tends to the left from the bottom, and Vice versa. This exercise is more difficult, but very effective for the reduction of the volume of the waist, strengthen the abdominal muscles.
  • Oblique: the exercise is the same;as all as the previous one, from the prone position, but when you bend over at the same time, the legs bend in the same direction
  • To the contrary: from the prone position on the back of the housing to lift directly at the same time with the feet, the bent angle of 90 degrees to perform for 2-3 sets of 5 times.

Other complex for the press

  • The exercise is performed in the prone position on the back. The hands lie along the body. Lift 1 leg up and make it a circular motion, first clockwise, then against. The same repeat with the other foot. It is recommended that 10 times per foot.
  • Rotation, bent legs, to simulate Cycling in the supine position. Not less than a Minute.
  • In the prone position on the floor, lift your legs at an angle of 45 degrees, to bring them together and to breed, don't you feel the tension of the Newspapers, less than 10 times.
  • On the floor, arms along the lie, the body, the legs stretched out. Bend, leaning the elbows on you, lift the pelvis as high as possible, hold in this position for at least 10 seconds and fall, run 5 times.


From the Position lying on the stomach to get up, leaning on the bent elbow arms and legs of socks. All of the body, from the head to the feet, to latte, to a direct measurement.

This exercise promotes the tension of all the muscles abdominal muscles, legs, arms, buttocks.

  • In a little splayed legs, the lifted hands, and are connected to each other, as in the case of cotton, slowly bending in one direction, and the feeling of stretching the lateral muscles and the press are just. Back hold this Position for 15 seconds and on again. Repeat the same in the other direction. More 10 is guided at least once in each direction.
  • In the prone position on the floor, complete with straight legs to be flexible on both sides. Lift the legs compressed between them pliable to top, tilt to the right, then to the left. Legs do not bend. Do 10 times in each direction.

The fulfillment of the bar, you keep bend the hands parallel to the shoulders, the neck, the spine is straight. In this Position, you must hold out as long as possible.


The best way to get rid of Cardio are excess fat on the sides and the Pope. When it comes to feet, then to my Sport or Scandinavian. If a daily walk with a quick step, after 30-40 minutes with a speed of at least 60 steps per Minute, so you can lose well in weight.

As cardiovascular occur:

  • walking;
  • Shaking;
  • dance.

During the walk in the fresh air metabolic processes in the body recover and strengthens the heart muscle. Walking is a good exercise, both for beginners as well as for older people. Always run as the most effective way to lose weight. The most effective interval to run when the horse moves to a trot antibody. In the case of such a change in the activity of fat-a lot of burned faster than when Jogging in a Tempo.

Sports dance is no less useful than any other set of exercises. The dances not only promote the burning of excess fat, but all muscle groups to strengthen, including the press, the elimination of depression and improve overall health.

Practice tip: as stamina training and also rapid is to go on the stairs. Renunciation of the use of the lift, you can easily lose a couple of pounds.

Methods of weight loss, there are many, to forget the diet. To avoid during exercise better fatty foods and sweets, and Can and herbs in any quantity. In order to obtain good results, it does not require a lot of time, select the appropriate training program. The main thing — exactly in front of the goal and the will power.


"I'm probably not the only one, who after the birth of a child appeared chubby belly. But the desperation on this occasion, it was not in my rules. Depending on the adult of the first-born, I will have more free time. I lost him by the gift and began the complex exercises, each time increasing the load. Noticed to decrease as gradually the wrinkles on the belly began."

"If you really want a flat stomach, you have a lot of work. In addition to correct, balanced diet, I opted for a workout in the gym, and a special training program. I switched to the recommended best Fitness trainers ways to achieve a flat stomach. I was very busy and already scored almost desired."

"After 25 for me, the fat began to depots on the sides. I know that my sugar cravings are the main reason of this disaster. Diet is not for me, will power I have not developed. And here improving therapy, the regular implementation of special exercises not to do difficult it is for me. Began a public and more difficult passed. It's helped me a lot. My figure has become slimmer much."