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Capsules Brulafine Slimming properties and General information

The shape of the output:

Gelatin capsule for ingestion


Obesity, overweight



Brulafine - Innovation in the world of beauty and health, in particular in the field of dietetics. Is a natural fat burner. In addition, the storage blocks of new fat cells, reduces appetite. In a pack of 60 capsules. The composition of natural vegetable ingredients. Daily application caused no negative effects on the body. Approved for the use of vegan women and men of 18 years of age and older, are suitable.

Funds passed scientific studies and clinical Tests, which showed no side effects, including allergic skin reactions, confirmed its high efficacy for weight loss. Today capsules Brulafine managed to become popular among the European population. Test reports reports that the alleged properties correspond to reality. Depending on the personal predisposition, the weight is reduced by 10 to 20 kg for a month. The Natural Composition. Active Components Brulafine:

  • Green tea - a powerful natural antioxidant that promotes fat removal from the body, lowers blood sugar, inhibit appetite to 3-5 hours.
  • The fruits of Guarana removed from the body toxins and excess water, improves the metabolism, lowers bad cholesterol, lowers the appetite, energizes
  • Cola nut - natural source of energy and tranquilizers, appetite suppressants, streamlines, the work of the digestive tract.

Please note that in Germany capsules buy Brulafine in pharmacies or drugstores are not. Today, the official website is still the only Option for secure shopping capsules.

how do you take the capsules for slimming Brulafine

Areas of application statement

Overweight, obesity, obesity, genetic predisposition, slow metabolic basic list of indications for the application Brulafine. Only two capsules a day for a month will help get rid of 10-20 kg overweight. In the severe stage of obesity, the increase in the daily dosage up to three capsules allowed. The duration of intake is individual, depending on how many pounds you must get rid of.

In order to lose weight 5-10 kg - enough, take two capsules within two weeks, and 15-20 kg for a month. In order to lose weight more than 20 kg, you increase the daily dosage to three capsules and the course of treatment - up to three months and more. In the latter case, a seven-day break every four weeks is recommended.

Take the capsules just drinking a glass of water. Between meals is recommended to drink plenty of fluids.

It is important to know! There are contraindications: cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, anorexia, and other serious diseases, postoperative period, or the period of convalescence after recovering from disease, pregnancy,, breast-feeding. Otherwise, Reception Brulafine exclusively in consultation with the attending physician.